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Welcome! This is a place for truth. The truth is that the Earth is Flat and that we've been lied to for all of our lives. My name is Darryle D. Marble and I would be classified in modern day society as a "Flat Earther". I prefer the term realist. I identify myself as a realist  because I place a high value on my five senses. Through our five senses, we experience this reality. We have been indoctrinated to believe that we live on a globe or a 'spinning ball' as we call it. Yet, my senses have never registered any motion (earth spin) nor shown me any visual signs on measurable curvature. On May 1st 2017, I conducted an experiment wherein I took a spirit level onto an airplane to test whether or not the airplane would dip the nose downward to compensate for the Earth's supposed curvature. The results of that experiment yielded the conclusion that there is no measurable curvature. Surely if the earth were a curved globe, the plane would have had to compensate for this curvature...but there was none. I recorded 203 miles of level flight and uploaded a video to YouTube. Since that video was uploaded, it has been shared thousands of times on various social media platforms and has been viewed over 1 Million times. To many this experiment served as definitive proof that the Earth is Flat. To many others it has been denied and said to prove nothing. As a result of the video's popularity, I have had articles written about me in numerous online publications all across the plane. The experiment served as proof enough for me to move forward with conviction to share the message that we've all been deceived. The undertaking of making this Flat Earth truth a known reality has become a passion of mine. Over time a concept was born within me to mobilize a greater percentage of the world's population to become more vocal about exposing this grand deception. The movement is known as the Flat Earth Offensive. The #FEOffensive has a simple message "Spread the Truth! Expose the Lies! Demand Answers!'

Thank you,
Darryle D. Marble

D Marble

5 Potential Answers to "Why would they Lie?"

A Flat Earth Discussion

Outlining a list of reasons as to why "they" would lie to us about the shape of the Earth and the true nature of reality itself. Spread the Truth, Expose the Lies, Demand Answers! #FEOffensive

Question Everything

Search For Truth

Open your mind to the possibility that we've been deceived about one thing and you'll start to see deception almost everywhere. 

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"Earth's Surface is 71% Water. 

Bodies of Water Do Not Curve. Therefore, The Earth is Flat"

Globes are not meant for educational purposes but for decorative purposes only - Read the label

NASA has admitted that they can't go beyond low earth orbit



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